EPRI updates intelligent grid report

PALO ALTO, CALIFORNIA - The Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI) has released an update to its 2006 analysis of “smart grid” research and development (R&D) programs, providing an up-to-date assessment and characterization of diverse R&D activities around the world, and identifying collaborative opportunities.

Titled “2008 Update of the Profiling and Mapping of Intelligent Grid Research and Development Programs,” EPRI’s “Intelligrid” report updates the previous assessment of ten selected grid R&D programs and brings together information that can be used to provide a more common and comprehensive understanding of wide-ranging research on smart grids, including more international research.

“This report provides an analysis of research and development programs whose goal is to improve the intelligence of the electric power infrastructure,” stated Don Von Dollen, research leader for the IntelliGrid program. “This study characterizes R&D programs’ vision, mission, governance and budget, among other things. The benefits of having this knowledge in one place include improved coordination among R&D programs, reduced research costs through collaboration and more widespread application of findings among utilities and vendors.”

Von Dollen said that study results are also intended to encourage discussion among smart grid R&D programs and to identify new joint, or “handshake” actions that define common principles for coordination and collaboration.

The 176-page report is available online and can be downloaded from the epri.com web site.


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