OPG applies for license renewal of Darlington Nuclear Station

OTTAWA, Ontario -- - The Darlington Nuclear Generating Station power reactor operating licence is valid until December 31, 2015. OPG has submitted an application to renew the Darlington Nuclear Generating Station power reactor operating licence to 2028.

This license term would cover the time required to complete the refurbishment of all four Darlington reactor units. It would also be the first step in a new licensing framework being developed by the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission, or CNSC, one that allows longer term licenses - consistent with international practice.

The CNSC has announced the dates and locations for the relicensing hearing, and relevant information has been posted to the CNSC website.

The news release states that: "OPG is confident we have met CNSC’s requirements for the Darlington license renewal. We have demonstrated that we have the managed systems in place to safely operate the station while undertaking refurbishment."

The first part of the hearing was held in Ottawa on August 19, with the remainder taking place in Courtice, Ontario in November.


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