New Electricity Minister vows to elevate Iraq Electricity

Baghdad - - Iraqi deputy prime minister, Saleh Al Mutlaq, called on Monday upon the new Electricity Minister to develop a clear strategy that would help attain high levels of energy production and distribution. Electricity Minister karim Aftan, vowed for his part to elevate the energy sector up to the satisfaction of Iraqis.

In a meeting with the new Electricity Minister Karim Aftan whom was granted ParliamentÂ’s vote of confidence, Al Mutlaq urged Aftan to deploy exceptional efforts in the electricity field due to the great importance of electricity in the life of every Iraqi citizen, in addition to services and economic issues encountered in Iraq on account of the pending electricity issue, read a statement by the office of deputy Prime Minister for services affairs Saleh Al Mutlaq.

“Al Mutlaq stressed the necessity to develop a clear and practical strategy to elevate this vital sector and reach high levels of energy production and distribution,” the statement added. “We promise to use all our scientific and financial capacities to elevate the electricity up to the aspiration of Iraqis,” the statement quoted the new Electricity Minister as saying.

Iraqi parliament had voted on Monday by majority to name Iraqiya listÂ’s candidate, karim Aftan, as electricity minister.

Karim Aftan is a member of the Solution Party headed by Jamal Al Karbouli. The Solution Party occupies 12 parliamentary seats within Al Iraqiya list headed by Iyad Allawi.


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