Computer virus in Australian power grid

SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA - A "sinister" computer virus has infected computers controlling Australia's Integral Energy power grid.

The Sydney Morning Herald reported that the infection has forced Integral Energy to rebuild all 1,000 of its desktop computers before the "particularly sinister" computer virus spreads further.

A Integral Energy spokesman told journalists that the company had called in external information security experts to "rebuild all desktop computers to contain and remove the virus," adding that the malware had not affected power supplies to customers or business data and was "contained within Integral Energy's information technology network."

Hacklabs security consultant Chris Gatford commented, "The risk of having a virus in this type of environment is it might affect the operation of the power grid if the virus was to infiltrate the process control network.

I think they're to be commended for this extreme reaction when dealing with something that could potentially affect the supply of energy."


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