Alaskan utility initiates study for energy storage system

RICHMOND, BRITISH COLUMBIA - VRB Power Systems Inc. announces it is conducting an engineering design study for Kotzebue Electric Association ("KEA"), a member-owned utility in Kotzebue located in northern Alaska for the potential sale of a large scale VRB Energy Storage Systems sized at 300kW x 3 hours (with the option to be scaled to 600kW x 3 hours).

The study is expected to be completed in November, with results forming the basis for the final sales confirmation, system designs, project structure and delivery schedule. The work is spearheaded by the VRB Project Management and Engineering team with deliverables including drawings, reports, structural layouts and controls descriptions. The fee received for performing the study was $95,000.

"The study will help us identify the appropriate size VRB-ESS for Kotzebue's wind/diesel hybrid generation system, that currently uses 17 wind turbines to augment its existing 11.5MW of diesel generators," says Brian Beck, VP of Business Development at VRB Power Systems. "The VRB will be used to improve system stability and efficiency of generators; as well as allow for the deployment of additional wind turbines and reduce fuel usage and related green house gas emissions."


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