Pierre Fortin to leave Canadian Hydropower Association

OTTAWA, ONTARIO - The Canadian Hydropower Association would like to announce that Pierre Fortin, President of the Canadian Hydropower Association (CHA), will be leaving his post in April 2009, after 10 years of service to the association.

During his term as President, the CHA has become not only a leader in the energy sector, but also the recognized voice of the hydropower industry in Canada.

Colin L. Clark, Executive Vice President & Chief Technical Officer of Brookfield Renewable Power Inc., and Chair of the Board of the Canadian Hydropower Association (CHA), says of Mr. Fortin's departure: "As the first Executive Director of the CHA, Pierre Fortin played a central role in developing the Association from its inception in 1998 to an organization that is highly respected by the public, the energy sector, and all levels of government. The CHA is grateful for Mr. Fortin's valuable contributions to the industry, and for the support that he will provide to the association over the next six months."

Commenting on his upcoming departure, Mr. Fortin said, "While I will be leaving the CHA after 10 exciting years, I plan to be available to assist government, the hydropower industry and others in my area of expertise. I'd like to add that I wish the CHA and the hydropower industry continued success in the future."

Mr. Fortin has had a very successful career in the public policy arena, having worked in senior levels of the federal government, including Treasury Board, Industry, Finance and Justice, as well as in the business sector. Mr. Fortin's work for the CHA was important for positioning hydropower as a clean and renewable energy in Canada.

The CHA has begun the process of searching for Mr. Fortin's successor.


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