Veridian proceeds with Ontario's largest "IntelliTEAM" project

AJAX, ONTARIO - Veridian Connections Inc. announced plans to deploy new Smart Grid technology that will create the largest self-healing electricity distribution network in Ontario. The system will be installed in south Ajax, providing benefits to more than 6,000 homes, schools and businesses located in the area.

Approximately $1,800,000 will be invested in the project. The "IntelliTEAM" intelligent switch and control system to be deployed by Veridian is being designed and built by the S&C Electric Company. It features cutting edge technology designed to identify problems with local power distribution equipment, and then to quickly re-route and restore electric service to affected customers.

The new system is expected to significantly reduce both the number and length of power outages that might otherwise occur in the area. It will also result in cost savings by allowing Veridian to operate its wires and transformers more efficiently, thereby postponing investments in new lines and transformers.

According to Axel Starck, Veridian's Chief Operating Officer, the company's planned installation of S&C Electric Company's Smart Grid equipment will be just the third of its kind in Canada, and the largest in Ontario.

"We're very excited about introducing this new technology to our distribution network in Ajax", he said. "We are confident that this initial installation will be successful in terms of improved power restoration times and overall system reliability, and we look forward to expanding the use of this technology to other communities in the coming years."

The term Smart Grid is used to describe power delivery networks that use sophisticated communications and computing systems to improve the efficiency, reliability and safety of power delivery and use. Ultimately it is expected that Smart Meters, which are also being deployed by Veridian, will form an integral part of the utility's Smart Grid initiative.

Veridian's Smart Grid installation in Ajax will enhance the electricity distribution grid in the area south of Clements Road West and west of Harwood Avenue South. Installation work will commence in late 2008 and is scheduled to be fully complete by the summer of 2009. There will be little impact on local residents during the construction phase.


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