FLIR Systems win awards for two thermal imaging cameras

COLOGNE, GERMANY - The Plus X Awards is now EuropeÂ’s largest contest for technology, sport and lifestyle products. It honours innovative design as the basis of ongoing commercial success by selecting the products that have the best credentials in five categories.

At this year’s awards ceremony in Cologne FLIR Systems learned that it had not only scooped up a phenomenal six Plus X Awards for two of its thermal imaging cameras but that it had also won ‘The Most Innovative Brand of The Year’ grand-prix.

The two cameras were the FLIR P660, the worldÂ’s highest resolution, off the shelf, hand-held infrared camera and the pocket-sized FLIR i5.

Both cameras were judged in the five Plus X award categories - innovation, design, ease of use/functionality, ergonomics and ecology. Respectively the FLIR P660 and the FLIR i5 won awards for innovation, ease of use and ecology. As FLIR had totalled more Plus X awards in its product group than any other entrant the company also received The Most Innovative Brand of the Year award.


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