Maritime Electric unveils options for transmission line routes

Charlottowne, PEI - - Maritime Electric unveiled some of the options for its proposed high-voltage transmission lines in P.E.I.'s Millvale Road area at a public meeting Tuesday night.

Some of the proposed locations for the substation are New Road, Bagnall Road or Toronto Road.

Maritime Electric spokesperson Kim Griffin says the company is listening to people's concerns and respecting them.

"I don't think we're going to please everybody, but we're really trying to work really closely with the community and try and find solutions," she said.

The utility's original plan was to build a 10-kilometre line and new substation in the Millvale Road area to handle increasing power demands, but residents only found out about the plan on Easter Monday, when work crews started cutting trees.

After much opposition, the utility formed a working group with residents to come up with alternate routes.

Griffin said the company didn't do a good job initially communicating with residents.

Last night's meeting was the fourth one held and another meeting is scheduled for next Wednesday.


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