Lameque wind farm up and running

LAMEQUE, NEW BRUNSWICK - The Lameque Wind Power Project in northeastern New Brunswick is now generating power, NB Power announced.

Acciona Wind Energy began construction last summer on the $115 million, 45-megawatt wind farm.

The project was initiated by La Cooperative d'Energie Renouvelable de Lameque and has a 25-year power purchase agreement with NB Power.

The federal government will invest about $13.8 million into the project over 10 years.

The wind energy project was delayed in 2009 because of the slowing economy.

The 30, 1.5-megawatt wind power wind turbines are spread over about 1,255 hectares. Since wind isn't a constant resource, having multiple wind farms in one market allows for stable power supply overall.

The project signed lease agreements with 68 landowners in the northeastern community.

The power generated will supply enough energy for about 8,000 homes per year, according to a news release.

"We are very proud of this project and are pleased to see it successfully generating energy for the region," said Dan Foley, the CEO of Acciona Energy North America.

"[It's] proof that with the right partners and hard work, we can create clean energy that benefits the community via job creation and economic growth."

Gaetan Thomas, the president of NB Power, said the project was a step towards the company's vision of sustainable electricity.

The province's goal is to have 10 per cent of power sales from renewable sources by 2016.

"To ensure that we have sustainable electricity, we need to meet the needs of today while ensuring the future," Thomas said.

The news release also said that the project brought hundreds of jobs to the area.


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