Hudak to reveal plan for hydro bill relief

TORONTO, ONTARIO - The Progressive Conservatives plan to tell Ontario voters exactly how they would provide some relief from soaring hydro bills.

The Tories have been promising to give families some kind of break from rising energy costs, but until now have not been specific about their plans.

PC Leader Tim Hudak will soon reveal his exact measures to trim soaring electricity bills, which are slated to jump 46 per cent in the next five years.

Hudak promised to scrap the Liberal governmentÂ’s $7-billion green energy deal with South Korean giant Samsung and to stop offering huge premiums for wind and solar power.

The Liberals say that will cost the province thousands of jobs and scare off international investors from OntarioÂ’s growing manufacturing base for components for green energy projects.

Hudak has already promised to let people opt out of time-of-use pricing for electricity if the Conservatives win the October 6 election, calling so-called smart meters nothing but tax machines.


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