Power system to meet California summer demand-study

CALIFORNIA - California should have adequate power supplies this summer, even if the state experiences warmer-than-normal temperatures, the California Energy Commission said in a summer outlook.

In the forecast, the Commission said ample resources should be available to meet peak loads and operating reserves will be sufficient even with a very warm summer.

The Commission, however, urged consumers to continue conserving electricity on hot afternoons, noting air conditioners use about 30 percent of total consumption during peak summer hours.

The outlook showed reserve margins, or the level of electricity supplies above demand, are about 22 percent for average weather conditions and 14 percent under hotter-than-normal weather.

California however is divided into regions north and south of Path 26, a transmission line area that frequently has constraints during periods of high electricity demand. Under hotter-than-normal temperatures, the Commission said supplies could be tight in Southern California with reserve margins dipping below the 15 percent to 17 percent target.


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