Eskom selects Black & Veatch for South African plant

OVERLAND PARK, KANSAS - Black & Veatch, a leading global engineering, consulting and construction company, has been selected by Eskom to provide project management and engineering services for a 4,800-megawatt (MW) power generation facility being constructed in South Africa.

“This is a world-class project which will have extensive and immediate benefits for South Africa,” said Len Rodman, Chairman, President and CEO of Black & Veatch. “We will provide an innovative infrastructure solution that will be sustainable for current and future generations.”

Eskom, South AfricaÂ’s state-owned electric utility, is utilizing Black & VeatchÂ’s experience and expertise in assisting with engineering services and supervising construction of six-800 (MW) units that will comprise Project Bravo, a 4,800-MW supercritical coal-fired generation facility about 120 miles east of Johannesburg. The unitsÂ’ design will feature flue-gas desulphurization with the end result being a highly efficient and reliable energy supply that will also lower air emissions.

“Drawing on our in-depth experience from implementing sustainable large-scale energy projects throughout Asia-Pacific and the United States, we will utilize our global workforce to deliver a reliable solution that will also greatly benefit economic growth and enhance the quality of life for South Africa residents,” said Dean Oskvig, President and CEO of Black & Veatch’s global energy business.

Project Bravo is scheduled to be completed in stages with the first unit coming online in 2012 and the final unit in 2015. Project Bravo work for Eskom, the worldÂ’s 11th-largest electric utility, is now underway and will ultimately provide needed power for South AfricaÂ’s growing economy. The countryÂ’s electric supplies are currently constrained and require increased generation capacity. The shortage of adequate electric power supply is affecting industries in South Africa such as production levels at gold and platinum mining operations.

“We chose Black & Veatch for this important project based on the company’s strong record of consistently delivering solutions to complex energy projects on specified performance and schedule,” said Jan Oberholzer, Acting Senior General Manager for Eskom. “This is a historic project for South Africa and will have tremendous benefits for the country’s economic growth.”

Black & Veatch has been providing engineering, consulting and construction services to Eskom since 1995 in areas ranging from power plant consulting, planning, design and engineering, renewable energy, nuclear strategy, environmental services and information technology. Oskvig added that the companyÂ’s long-term relationship with Eskom also brings added benefits to the project.

“Our in-depth knowledge and experience of Eskom’s operations allow us to execute a project of this magnitude on an aggressive project schedule, addressing the critical and timely demand for energy,” said Oskvig.


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