Investigation into cyber-security incident continues

- Central Hudson Gas & Electric Corporation continues to work with law enforcement officials and cyber-security experts to determine the extent of a computer incident discovered recently that had the potential to involve a portion of its customer files. The utility telephoned all customers with current telephone numbers on file to notify them as to whether or not their respective account information had the potential to have been involved.

“There is still no evidence confirmed to date that any data was transferred, but we want these customers to make sure that they remain vigilant until we have more definitive information,” said James P. Laurito, Central Hudson’s president. “We continue to recommend, as a precautionary measure, that potentially impacted customers monitor their credit reports and bank accounts in order to detect any unauthorized activity. Any such unauthorized transactions should be reported immediately to their local bank and their local law enforcement agency.”

Central Hudson is finalizing details of complimentary credit-monitoring services for potentially impacted customers. Letters will be mailed to all eligible customers in early March to notify them of the terms of the service, which will be retroactive until mid February -- providing that customers enroll and file fraud complaints promptly.

Laurito also warned of reports that some scam artists posing as Central Hudson representatives have attempted to make contact with customers to solicit personal and credit card information from them over the telephone. “We are not making these outbound calls, and customers who receive such a call should consider it suspect. If in doubt, please contact us at 845-452-2700 or 1-800-527-2714,” he said.


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