Toronto Hydro to launch CDM programs

TORONTO, ONTARIO - Toronto Hydro-Electric System Limited has announced its initial lineup of 2011 conservation and demand management CDM programs targeted to Toronto residential and commercial customers.

A wide-range of programs will be launched in March that have been designed to encourage customers to invest in conservation measures, which in turn will help customers save on their electricity bills, reduce Toronto Hydro's peak electricity demand and help the environment.

"With electricity costs on the rise, it's more important than ever to provide customers with the right tools to take control of their bills," says Chris Tyrrell, Vice-President, Customer Care and Chief Conservation Officer.

The 'saveONenergy' CDM programs will help Toronto Hydro meet its obligation to the Ontario Energy Board to reduce summer peak demand in Toronto by 286 megawatts MW and reduce consumption by 1,304 gigawatt-hours GWH by the end of 2014.

Below are highlights of the programs now available.

"Toronto Hydro is pleased to offer customers this roster of conservation programs that are both simple and effective, and will help improve the environment."


Coupons: In March, homes across Toronto will receive 'saveONenergy' discount coupons to be redeemed on a variety of energy efficient products at major retail outlets. Discounted products include qualified ceiling fans, compact fluorescent light bulbs, and programmable thermostats.

Heating & Cooling Incentive: Customers looking to replace their heating or cooling units this year will receive up to $650 when upgrading to an ENERGY STAR qualified heating and cooling systems.

Fridge & Freezer Pickup: A second fridge or freezer wastes electricity and can add up to $125 a year on a residential bill. With the Fridge and Freezer Pickup program, customers can remove these old and inefficient appliances with one phone call. New this year: once the appointment is booked to haul away a fridge or freezer, customers can also ditch that old room air conditioner and/or dehumidifier!

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Audit Funding: Incentives are available to conduct energy studies of medium and large size facilities. The Audit Funding incentive can cover up to 50 of the cost of an energy audit, based on requirements that take into account the size and complexity of the buildings. A comprehensive evaluation of a building's energy performance will determine opportunities for improvement. These options for maximizing energy savings will form the basis of an action plan and help to identify opportunities with other programs, such as the Retrofit Program.

Retrofit Program: This program offers incentives of up to 50 of project costs for pre-approved retrofits for commercial, industrial, governmental, social housing and municipal facilities. Financial incentives are available for replacing inefficient existing equipment with high efficiency equipment that will reduce the demand for electricity and improve the efficiency of operational procedures and processes.

Small Business Lighting: This program offers eligible small businesses up to $1,000 in energy-efficient upgrades. Energy efficient upgrades can go a long way toward reducing electricity consumption and managing monthly electricity costs.

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