Electric Car Maker ZAP Helps California Fleets Go Green

SACRAMENTO, CALIFORNIA - Joining state and community efforts to "green" California, electric car manufacturer and distributor ZAP is introducing its new design that uses a solar panel, the XEBRA XERO Truck, at the Green California Summit and Exposition in Sacramento.

The XEBRA Sedan and Truck, now with a solar panel option, put out 90 percent fewer emissions, including those from power plants. ZAP says the solar panel enables short commutes on sunlight alone. Studies show EVs can offset about 10,000 pounds of CO2 per year in place of a 25-MPG gas car.

Held at the Sacramento Convention Center, the exposition was created to support California's goal to fight global warming and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. It also highlights green services, products and solutions implemented by the community and a wide range of green companies like ZAP.

"One of the best ways to help reduce carbon dioxide emissions is driving an electric car and one of our main goals as a Californian green company is to make street-legal electric cars available and affordable," says ZAP CEO Steve Schneider.


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