Centauri Energy, LLC Receives Approval For 300-Megawatt Solar Project

CONCORD - - Centauri Energy, LLC today announced receiving approval from the California Independent System Operation CAISO to secure a queue position for Beltran Solar , the companyÂ’s 300-Megawatt MW solar project in Stanislaus County, California . The queue position will allow Beltran Solar to connect to the stateÂ’s power grid.

At 300 MW, Beltran Solar represents one of the largest solar projects under way in California . It spans approximately 1,600 acres near Interstate 5 , and is located approximately an hour southeast of the Bay Area . Beltran Solar will be built in three phases, with the first phase slated to deliver power in 2016 and 2017.

“Having Beltran Solar approved by CAISO for a queue position marks an important milestone for us,” said Jeff Irvine , Centauri Energy’s CEO and president. “Beltran Solar has been in development for more than five years. The permits have been issued, the environmental impact studies are finished and now the CAISO application is approved. These are some of the biggest hurdles for a large-scale project like this. With all of these complete, we’re ready to develop,” he said.

“The demand for renewable energy has never been greater, and adding 300 Megawatts of solar power to the grid is significant,” Irvine added. “We’re really pleased to be moving forward.” For more information, visit www.centaurienergyllc.com , call 925/308-4047 or email admin@CentauriEnergyllc.com.


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