Horizon Utilities named Sustainability Company of the Year by the Canadian Electricity Association

Hamilton, ON - Horizon Utilities Corporation has been honoured with the prestigious Sustainability Company of the Year Award by the Canadian Electricity Association CEA.

The award, which was presented on June 7 at a reception in Ottawa, recognizes Horizon Utilities' organization-wide sustainability efforts and acknowledges the company's success against the three foundational pillars of sustainability - environmental, social and economic. Award recipients were evaluated and selected by an independent panel.

"We thank the CEA for this honour," said Max Cananzi, President & CEO of Horizon Utilities. "This award is a reflection of the dedication and outstanding work of our employees. Our organization is committed to building sustainable communities and this prestigious award is a positive recognition of the progress we have made."

The accomplishments of Horizon Utilities and its employees can be found in the company's ground-breaking Sustainability-Based Annual Reports available at www.horizonutilities.com, which are published on an annual basis. Horizon was the first electricity distribution company in Ontario to publish an annual report as a Sustainability report. The report and Horizon's sustainability program focuses on the social, environmental and economic dimensions of the company's business and benchmarks its performance against the rigorous Global Reporting InitiativeTM GRI, an international standard for sustainability.

"As one of Ontario's largest and best-performing electricity distribution companies, Horizon Utilities is committed to building a utility that contributes to the sustainability of the communities it serves, helping to create a culture of conservation in Ontario, and providing added value to its customers and stakeholders", said Mr. Cananzi.

Horizon Utilities' Sustainability-Based Annual Report highlights the company's vision of sustainability and, using the international GRI standard as a base, integrates social, environmental and economic concerns - sustainability - into company values, culture, decision-making, strategies and day-to-day operations.

"Building on the CEA sustainability program, Horizon Utilities has shown tremendous leadership in integrating sustainable development to its daily activities and operations," said Mike Harcourt, Chair of the Sustainable Electricity Program Public Advisory Panel.


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