Shanghai Electric Power expands into European energy market

Malta -- - Accenture has helped Shanghai Electric Power SEP in its initial expansion into the European energy market, which included investments in the power-generating market in Malta. In its strategic consulting role, Accenture will now help SEP with post-merger integration in Malta and with international branding.

Accenture Strategy provided advisory services to support SEP in its acquisition of a 33 percent stake in Enemalta PLC, Malta's state-owned energy company, and of a 90 percent stake in Delimara 3, a major power plant in Malta.

"With the support of Accenture Strategy's professional services in the strategic investment process, we have completed our first European power-generation investment," SEP Chairman Wang Yundan said. "Accenture's capabilities of providing the full-spectrum of overseas M&A services have added new value to our go-global' strategy. Our successful experience of the investment in Malta will help us further expand in the European market."

Dr. Konrad Mizzi, Malta's Minister for Energy and Health, said, "Accenture has been actively supporting Malta's energy-transformation ambition by leveraging its extensive global network and deep industry experience to meet our national demand for energy services, renewables, foreign investment and innovation. In our close collaboration with SEP and Accenture, we are better positioned to shape a smarter and more sustainable energy future in Malta."

As a Chinese public company and a subsidiary of China Power Investment Corp., SEP had previously announced its capital investment in Malta and the conversion of Delimara 3 to a natural gas-powered plant. SEP will also form a joint venture with Enemalta to develop a renewable energy business, eyeing markets abroad.

"We are delighted to become a bridge in the win-win energy cooperation between SEP and Malta," said Michael Ding, Accenture senior managing director and Resources lead in Greater China. "Our professional services around SEP's successful investment span from business strategy services to support due diligence, enterprise finance consulting, post-merger integration and branding strategy. We plan to continue to contribute to Chinese energy companies' journey of globalization that is expected to bring sustainable growth for our clients in China and around the world."


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