Smartcool's energy reduction technology completes testing

VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA - Smartcool Systems Inc., reports that the Company's Energy Saving Module (ESM) technology has successfully completed vigorous testing by the University of Miami's Department of Industrial Engineering for Florida Power & Light Company ("FPL") under FPL's Conservation R&D Program.

The goal of the research was to estimate how Smartcool's ESM is able to reduce energy consumption overall but more importantly reduce demand during peak hours both in the Summer and Winter schedule. The ESM technology was installed on the HVAC equipment at a site of a National Drug Chain located in Miami, Florida.

"It was a privilege to be chosen to participate in this R&D project and we are extremely pleased with the outcome of the 12 month test completed by the University of Miami," states George Burnes, President & CEO of Smartcool Systems Inc. "Having such a well regarded Utility such as FPL publish a report that outlines the economic benefits available by using the ESM is a significant milestone for our Company.

The independence of such a report and the ability to distribute it as a public document to interested parties throughout our distribution network will only help the ESM to become more widely adopted technology world-wide."

"This report is a valuable tool for our sales representatives especially in the Florida region," added Chris Lefaivre, VP Sales and Marketing for Smartcool Systems Inc. "The savings shown in the report reflects a 29-month payback, before applying rebates that it now qualifies for, based on the size and location of the test environment. Industry reports have shown that this falls well within the parameters that industry is looking for when evaluating the economics of capital programs. We will now be able to approach customers armed with a document that illustrates impressive kWh savings and peak demand reduction giving them further confidence that Smartcool's ESM technology will provide significant cost savings."

The FPL Group, with annual revenues of nearly $16 billion and a growing presence in 26 states, is nationally recognized as one of the country's premier energy companies. FPL Group's two principal subsidiaries are Florida Power & Light Company and FPL Energy, LLC. FPL is the largest investor-owned electric utility in Florida, serving more than 4.4 million customer accounts.

Chris Lefaivre continued, "FPL is committed to its community and the environment. They invest more than $100 million annually on energy efficiency programs and incentives and see efficiency as a major part of stemming the ever-increasing demand for energy. Over the past decade the FPL Product Development Group has identified, tested and assisted with the deployment of green technologies that have mitigated the need to build 10 power plants, saving millions of dollars in generation costs, not to mention the environmental benefits."

George Burnes summarized, "We feel confident that being able to provide a third-party report from FPL, a globally recognized leader in energy efficiency initiatives and environmental programs, will provide further comfort to our customers and it is our expectation that the sales cycle for our technology will be reduced significantly."


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