CNNC develops nuclear power station simulator

WUHAN, CHINA - An upgrade project on a nuclear power station simulator has been completed for Phase III of Qinshan Nuclear Power Company Limited in Wuhan.

The plant was developed by China Nuclear Power Operation Technology Company Limited (CNPOTECH), a subsidiary of the China National Nuclear Corporation (CNNC). The simulator has been accepted for use in nuclear power stations to train operators and managers.

The technology has been successfully applied in simulators for nuclear power stations, including Qinshan Phase I, Qinshan Phase II, Qinshan Phase III, Daya Bay and Ling'ao.

As the main force in the growth of China's nuclear power, CNNC has prioritized the development of a nuclear power station simulator. The company developed its simulation platform through independent research and development, said Yu Jianfeng, CNNC's Deputy General Manager. CNPOTECH completed the upgrade of the full-range simulator for Qinshan III and achieved the localization of the core technology, said Yu Jianfeng, the company's Vice President said.

CNPOTECH has signed three contracts for the development and manufacture of full-range simulators for the Fuqing and Fangjiashan nuclear power stations, as well as for the research and development of an engineering simulation and verification platform for China Nuclear Power Engineering Corporation (Beijing), a subsidiary of CNNC.


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