AREVA to power ALCANÂ’s new plant in Canada

JONQUIERE, QUEBEC - AREVA’s Transmission and Distribution division has been awarded a turnkey contract to build an electricity supply system for ALCAN’s new AP50 plant located in Jonquière, Quebec. The AP50 plant will operate at 500 kilo amperes (kA) and will produce a projected 60,000 tons per year of primary aluminum.

Under the contract worth over 100 million euros, AREVA will build a highvoltage power rectifier station that will convert the incoming alternating current into direct current, required for the aluminum production process. The station will be delivered by September 2009.

AREVAÂ’s Transmission and Distribution division is currently number two worldwide on the aluminum power segment. This contract will help the division reach its global objective for the electro-intensive industries market: to double its order intake by 2010.

AREVA T&D has been partnering with ALCAN for over 30 years and is currently building a power supply system for its production sites located in Saint Jean de Maurienne and Dunkerque in France.

Philippe Guillemot, Chairman and CEO of AREVA T&D, said “This success is the logical continuation of our long-term cooperation with ALCAN. This win also demonstrates our ability to meet the specific needs of electro-intensive industry customers and represents another breakthrough in our strategy to grow on this market.”


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