Turning waste coke oven gas into power

PEI COUNTY, CHINA - Helping to meet ChinaÂ’s strict emission standards, Jiangsu Tianue Energy & Chemical Group Co. Ltd is building a high-efficiency gas turbine power plant to utilize industrial dismissed gas into power and steam to meet increasing energy needs in the region.

The power plant will be equipped with three GE aeroderivative gas turbines, which are the first LM2500+G4 units sold in China.

“GE’s innovative technology allows us to turn a previously environmentally harmful gas into a useful tool to produce energy for our customers. In addition, we will be able to reduce CO2 emissions by 300,000 tons per year and supply stable electricity to Pei County,” said Teng Daochun, chairman, Jiangsu Tianue Energy & Chemical Group Co. Ltd. “This project is an important step in increasing the value of coke oven gas.”

GEÂ’s LM2500+G4 aeroderivative gas turbines will use coke oven gas COG as fuel and turn it into electricity for the region. COG is a byproduct of the coking manufacturing process. Among all of the current treatment methods, GEÂ’s solution is more reliable, cleaner for the environment and uses the residual energy at a higher efficiency rate. GE also is providing a 12-year services agreement with one spare engine to ensure maximum operability at the new plant.

“Our LM2500+G4 is a powerful gas turbine with high efficiency, which has the potential to translate into operational savings and increased revenue potential for the customer’s operations,” said Darryl Wilson, vice president — aeroderivative gas turbines for GE Power & Water. “Using our aeroderivative technology for low-calorie, coke-oven gas is a technology breakthrough, and this project is another example of GE’s commitment to invest in progressive solutions to meet environmental challenges throughout the world. Through this endeavor, GE and Tianue are responding to the Chinese government’s call to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by conserving energy and making contributions to a cleaner economy in the country.”

The announcement is part of a series of commitments GE has made in China. On November 9, 2010, GE announced plans to invest more than $2 billion into its efforts in China through 2012 to help tackle the countryÂ’s pressing energy and infrastructure needs. GE Chairman and CEO Jeff Immelt announced that the company plans to commit $500 million to enhance China R&D capabilities and establish new Customer Innovation Centers to better serve west, north, central and south China.

On the same day, as part of the $2 billion investment, GE and State Grid Corporation of China SGCC, ChinaÂ’s top power distributor and one of the worldÂ’s largest utilities, announced plans for several joint ventures to address ChinaÂ’s growing energy needs and to electrify its vast transportation infrastructure. These joint ventures will play a vital role in supporting the countryÂ’s energy demand through the development of a smarter grid that will help achieve environmental and economical goals.


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