Think small with the YikeBike

NEW ZEALAND - A bike with no pedals? The size of the kiddie trike?

That's New Zealand's own YikeBike. It now looks to be available in the U.S. for around $3,600, which may be a low enough price to draw at least a few curious buyers to purchase one.

The YikeBike Electric 'mini-farthing' a self-described new class of bikes, also known as a mini electric penny farthing exists somewhere between an e-bike and a Segway. Upon encountering traffic, the owner of said device simply unfolds the lightweight, 22 pound frame, climbs up on the wheel-mounts, leans back, and away she goes for 6.2 miles on a charge, courtesy of the electric motor.

While we applaud the innovative design thinking, we're with Wired's Gadget Lab in wondering whether the high center of gravity, larger front wheel and handlebars-behind-you design doesn't add up to an urban faceplant waiting to happen. One reason this device might be more appropriate on the sidewalk, like a Segway, say, rather than braving the street like a bike.

With some interesting features we expect at least a few folks to be interested in the YikeBike, if only for the sheer novelty of riding on their own handlebars.


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