Charlotte airport solar project receives go ahead

CHARLOTTE, NORTH CAROLINA - The N.C. Utilities Commission has issued an order registering the Charlotte Douglas International AirportÂ’s 250-kilowatt solar project on Wilkinson Boulevard as a renewable-energy facility.

The order, issued late last month, clears the way for the project to generate electricity as a small power producer and sell renewable-energy credits for the solar power generated.

The project, which started producing power December 29, is expected to generate 330,000 kilowatt-hours of usable electricity per year. The project cost the developer, Narenco, about $1.25 million to build. The airport spent $600,000 for roof repairs and $49,000 for design costs.

Another regional renewable project also advanced through the regulatory process late last month. The 5.4-megawatt electric plant fueled by landfill gas at Gaston CountyÂ’s landfill in Dallas, received clearance from the Public Staff of the Utilities Commission.

Before a renewable-energy plant can be registered, the staff must certify that the owner has filed all the information required for a complete application. The staff certified Gaston CountyÂ’s application December 20. The commission has not yet acted on the application.


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