Carbon capture project a multi-national venture

BEULAH, NORTH DAKOTA - Leading energy firm, Doosan Babcock announced it has been selected to undertake a major carbon capture project with U.S. utility Basin Electric Power Cooperative. The project will be led by Doosan Babcock in partnership with Canadian carbon capture technology firm, HTC Purenergy.

The eventual aim of the project is to use the captured CO2 for enhanced oil recovery close to the power plant with the CO2 subsequently stored underground.

The initial engineering phase will commence in January and will provide Basin Electric with a comprehensive assessment to enable them to make a decision on the final project notice to proceed for the CO2 capture plant solution.

Iain Miller, CEO of Doosan Babcock, said, "I am delighted that Doosan Babcock in partnership with HTC Purenergy has been chosen to conduct this project for Basin Electric Power Cooperative. This illustrates that Doosan Babcock is at the cutting-edge of carbon capture technology, and this project is an important milestone in the commercial implementation of carbon capture."

"Basin Electric Power Cooperative is a globally recognized leader in CO2 management through its high profile CO2 capture and enhanced oil recovery/storage project in Weyburn, Saskatchewan," said Lionel Kambeitz, Chairman and CEO of HTC Purenergy. Adding to this, Mr. Kambeitz stated "In this new project Doosan Babcock and HTC will provide and integrate world leading commercial-ready carbon capture technology, developed at the University of Regina, into the Basin Electric Antelope Valley Station coal fired power plant."

Ron Harper, Basin Electric CEO and general manager, said HTC has a proven technology that has been used for many years in a variety of applications to successfully capture CO2. "This decision is yet another step in the long process of identifying solutions to successfully address the challenges of a clean energy future," Harper said. "I applaud our board's vision in these very dynamic times. This was a major decision."

Basin Electric Power Cooperative plans to construct the Carbon Dioxide Capture Plant at its Antelope Valley Station ('AVS') located near Beulah, North Dakota.


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