Taylor Printing Group Signs Up For Green Natural Gas

FREDERICTON - - BullfrogPower, Canada's 100 per cent green energy provider, today announced that Taylor Printing Group has expanded its commitment to renewable energy by choosing 100 per cent green natural gas-in addition to 100 per cent green electricity-for its printing facilities

Through the new agreement, Taylor Printing Group will bullfrogpower approximately 450 gigajoules of natural gas-an amount equivalent to the natural gas requirements of more than four average Canadian homes. The decision complements the company's existing commitment to renewable electricity with Bullfrog Power and enables Taylor Printing Group to further reduce its emissions footprint, support the development of renewable energy in Canada, and help create a cleaner world for today and tomorrow.

'From day one we determined we would examine every opportunity to reduce our environmental impact,' said Scott Williams, New Business Development, Taylor Printing Group Inc. 'Supporting green natural gas in addition to green power is a natural progression for us and a perfect fit to help us expand our commitment to the environment.'

Through the agreement, Bullfrog Power's generators inject 100 per cent green natural gas and 100 per cent green electricity onto the respective natural gas and electricity systems to match the amount of natural gas and electricity Taylor Printing Group uses.

Bullfrog Power's green natural gas is produced by capturing and cleaning the energy-rich gas derived through the decay of organic matter in our everyday waste stream. Unlike conventional natural gas, green natural gas does not increase the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. In the Maritime provinces, Bullfrog sources from wind farms and low-impact hydro facilities in Prince Edward Island and New Brunswick.

In addition to choosing 100 per cent green natural gas and 100 per cent renewable electricity, Taylor Printing Group has assembled a team of employees who meet once a month to develop strategies to minimize spoilage and waste. To date, the group has achieved a 50 per cent reduction in both areas.

The organization was also the first printing company in New Brunswick to receive certification from the Forest Stewardship Council FSC Canada, an international certification and labeling system that guarantees forest products come from responsibly managed forests and recycled sources.

'Taylor Printing Group is a company determined to help take action on climate change and air pollution,' said Holly Bond, Director, Eastern Region, Bullfrog Power. 'By choosing green energy, the organization is further reducing its carbon footprint and providing its customers with the opportunity to choose greener printing services.'


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