Sunrise Solar initiates carbon offset program

SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS - Sunrise Solar Corp. is pleased to announce that it is developing a carbon offset program in order to assist consumers, both individuals and business, in reducing, or eliminating, their “carbon footprint.”

A “carbon footprint” is the total carbon dioxide emitted as a result of a consumer’s activities; including, energy consumption, driving, flying, and other fossil fuel based activities.

The program is designed to be a web-based platform which will allow consumers to calculate their unique “carbon footprint” and purchase carbon offsets. If the results from beta testing are as expected the company anticipates launching the full-scale platform in the 4th Quarter.

“Purchasing carbon offsets is a way for consumers to make a significant contribution to reducing greenhouse gas emissions, both locally and globally,” said Mr. Eddie Austin, Chairman and CEO of Sunrise Solar Corp. “The proceeds from the sale of carbon offsets will allow us to provide our solar technologies at very low cost to individuals and communities who would otherwise not be able to afford energy independence.”

The market for carbon offsets is unique because there is no federal legislation providing a comprehensive framework for carbon management. Experts predict that the North American carbon market could become a $1 trillion per year market.

Duke Energy recently announced a trial program to offer carbon offsets to retail energy customers in North Carolina.


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