Smart Grid Summit arrives in summer

- Strategy Institute Inc. is proud to announce the 4th Annual Smart Grid Modernization Summit. It will be held at the Holiday Inn Toronto International Airport on June 12th – 13th, 2013.

This exclusive, annual conference brings together utility industry leaders from generators, distributors, transmitters, municipalities, and smart grid vendors all across North America.

The summit provides an ideal platform for stakeholders to exchange ideas and share solutions in grid modernization, reliability, and customer engagement. Attendees will leave with the knowledge and tools to enhance their Smart Grid initiatives and prepare for the newest standards, security threats, and innovations.

Smart Grid infrastructure is an important national investment as Rawlson King, Editor from CABA notes, “the Smart Grid drives the innovative solutions that enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of Canada’s power generation, transmission, and consumption capacity.”

Girish Ghatikar, Deputy Leader from The Grid Integration Group adds that one of the significant benefits of a Smart Grid is “closer integration of the electricity grid with the demand-side.

In Canada, such an infrastructure can enable price responsive and localized peak reduction opportunities through active engagement of customer end-use loads.”

Though the benefits are widely recognized, there are several challenges to overcome when working towards a Smart Grid, namely the “standards for implementation, models of information networks, common communication protocols, [and] security” explains Mike Thususka, Director of Economic Development from the City of Summerside.

Ghatikar sees another major challenge in “defining the technical requirements and demonstrating their feasibility in a cost-effective and secure way.”

Addressing and overcoming such issues with other industry leaders is crucial for innovation and advancement. One of the innovations the industry can look forward to, as Thususka observes, includes “creating a software engine and electrical storage devices to enable the highest integration of renewable resources allowable into the electric utility grid for consumers.”

The Smart Grid Modernization Summit draws on the latest pilot projects, developments, standards updates, and research studies to give attendees a cohesive outlook on the industry and the opportunity to share their best practices with other Smart Grid specialists.

Speakers and case study presenters include:


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