ABB relocates HQ to Cary, North Carolina

CARY, NORTH CAROLINA - ABB announced that the company’s North American corporate headquarters will be moved to Cary, North Carolina from Norwalk, Connecticut.

The move is effective immediately, though the transition will be a gradual one as ABB transfers various executive and administrative functions to its new home over the next several years.

Cary was selected over four other U.S.

cities considered for the North American headquarters. The Cary office will oversee more than 15,000 employees in operations across the United States, Canada, Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean.

“ABB already has a significant and growing presence in the Raleigh-Cary metropolitan area in terms of proximity to some of our key customers, our employee base, and various divisional headquarters,” said Enrique Santacana, president and CEO of ABB in North America. “After a thorough analysis of economic trends, commercial property rates and other cities, it became clear that there were many advantages in moving our headquarters to Cary.”

ABB is the world’s leading provider of transmission and distribution equipment for the power grid and renewable energy sources, including grid modernization (the “smart grid”). It is also a leader in automation products and process automation systems, providing both its power and automation customers with greater energy efficiency, grid reliability and industrial productivity.


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