Motor and generator producers urged to boost productivity

CHICAGO, ILLINOIS - To ensure a profitable survival by producers of motors, generators, land transportation motors, fractional and integral motor generator sets, and components in a declining durable goods market, the emphasis must be on improving output per man-hour worked, thereby trimming labor costs and boosting profits.

Too many manufacturers of motors, generators, and components are satisfied with only an average return of about 3% on sales, but this is not sufficient for longevity, said Dr. Woodruff Imberman, a leading management consultant, in his remarks to a meeting of motors, generators, and components manufacturers at the recent IEEE PES Transmission and Distribution Conference at McCormick Convention Center in Chicago.

Dr. Imberman emphasized the use of various productivity enhancement programs by certain manufacturers, which stimulate their workforces to produce more efficiently with quality output. This is of particular importance where there are Hispanic workers. The efficient producers, said Dr. Imberman, enjoy as much as 10-12% profit margin on sales, despite the mounting import competitions, and they do this mainly by concentrating on a variety of bonus production programs which stimulate the workforce, particularly with Hispanic workers.

The leading productivity improvement program is Gainsharing, which increases employee income and company profits. In response for further information, Dr. Imberman cited a lecture which he delivered at Indiana University and published as an article entitled, “All You Ever Wanted to Know About Gainsharing but Were Afraid to Ask,” copies of which he distributed to the meeting, and may be available to others by request to There is no reason to fear a recession by producers who concentrate on efficient productivity procedures, thereby shaving costs and boosting profits, concluded Dr. Imberman.


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