Smart Grid/Distribution Automation Live Online Forum Oct 2024

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October 3, 2024

Live Online Event

Hosted by The Electricity Forum


Smart grid has emerged as the major driving change agent in the North American power industry. It incorporates both numerous advanced technologies to deal with technical grid issues as well as with conventional electrical network issues. These days, Smart Grid is facing technical challenges in deployment, protection and the integration of renewable energy systems. 

Smart grid deployments have made power systems operate more efficiently through the application of distributed computing schemes in grid interoperation. However, these schemes have triggered various security issues which are growing to be of major concerns.

Physical attacks, cyber-attacks or natural disasters are major notable form of threats to Smart Grid deployment which could lead to infrastructural failure, blackouts, energy theft, customer privacy breach, endangered safety of operating personnel, etc. Hence, the need to critically examine the security issues aimed at preventing possible threats or failures. This Smart Grid Forum will review the various security challenges and threats. A framework for achieving a more secure Smart Grid network is a major theme of this Forum.

45 minutes presentation includes 10 minutes of Q&A.

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