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May 18, 2022

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Challenges in transmission and distribution for today and future are on the minds of many around the world. Power providers face economic, environmental and security challenges on a large scale, with an aged electric power grid and an expected demand for electricity to increase by more than 50% over the next several decades. Electricity Today T&D Magazine Live Online Forums deliver live content, networking opportunities and engaging virtual experiences to our community of T&D electrical engineering and maintenance professionals.

45 minutes presentation includes 10 minutes of Q&A.


9:00am - 9:45am

Dynamic Ratings Inc.

Preventing Catastrophic Failure of Vault Transformers Through Online Monitoring
Network transformers provide a high level of service reliability to the downtown areas of most major cities, however their close proximity to critical infrastructure and highly populated areas greatly increases the risk of injury and costly disruption of commerce when catastrophic failure occurs! Come to this webinar to learn more about the common causes of transformer failure in the network system and how to prevent them. Presented by Chris Rutledge.


9:45am - 10:30am

Integrated Engineering Software

Computer Aided Designing of Gaps and Terminations in High Voltage Applications
An important aspect of high voltage design is the shaping of electrodes and other materials to achieve desired electric field (stress) profiles. This is commonly to prevent hot spots in transition areas and/or to achieve very uniform fields in other areas. This talk will discuss common approaches such as Rogowski and Borda profiles, then show how even some simple spreadsheets can help design work with those, and end with showing how simulation software can take the design to a higher level. This will include how to effectively use feedback and automation with parametric and scripted approaches.


10:30am - 11:15am

Zensol Automation, Inc.

How to apply vibroacoustic technology to breaker diagnosis ONLINE/OFFLINE

According to a CIGRE report, between 40 and 50% of failures on high voltage circuit breakers are of mechanical origin.
This presentation deals with the successful application of vibration analysis for circuit breaker (CB) diagnostic testing with the aim of detecting mechanical anomalies in CB drive mechanisms and other moving parts in the interrupting chamber.
For example, in a breaker case, the vibro-acoustic test has permitted to precisely detect that the origin of a SF6 gas leakage was due to a high impact of a mobile element on the breaker carter.
The repetitive vibro-acoustic test has permitted to precisely adjust the strength of the impact without affecting the mechanical breaker performance.
Vibration analysis can be used as a predictive ON-LINE/OFF-LINE diagnostic tool for all CBs.


11:15am - 12:00pm

GRID20/20, Inc.

GRIDWIDE FIRE-SPY™, Making the Grid our Wildfire Mitigation Ally
Intended Take-Aways:

  1. Grid Operators are our Wildfire Friends, Not Foes
  2. Why innovative technology is required to effectively enhance wildfire mitigation
  3. What annual wildfire damage looks like monetarily and environmentally
  4. How to leverage the grid to thwart wildfire occurrences, and size/scope of wildfire damages
  5. How a cost-effective "Always-On" wildfire mitigation/public safety protection solution benefits grid operators
  6. A Business Case Overview that will support Stakeholder and Regulator investment approvals


12:00pm - 12:45pm


"Their Tree Crews, Your Veg Dashboard". Smart Visual Compliance with TreeAction
Discover how Bear Valley Electric Service in California is rolling out iRestore's advanced TreeAction™ application suite for vegetation management compliance to:

  • Improve Reliability with Trim Cycle Recommendations
  • Automate regulatory compliance and reporting
  • Create a Searchable Tree Inventory for full visibility and control
  • Validate Tree Work with "Before and after" photos with QA/QC
  • "See-and-trim" with Augmented Reality (AR) (upcoming)


Chris Rutledge

Applications Engineer

Dymanic Ratings Inc.

Chris joined the Dynamic Ratings team in July 2019.
Prior to his present position, he served as Substation Asset Manager and chairman of the Substation Safety Committee at Memphis, Light, Gas and Water. He has 27 years of experience in the utility industry, primarily focused on the installation, service and maintenance of both substation and distribution equipment. He has done extensive research and published multiple papers concerning the interpretation of dissolved gas analysis testing. Chris is dedicated to assisting customers in finding creative cost-effective solutions for improving safety and reliability across their entire electrical system.

Dr. Doug Craigen

Team Leader of the Benchmark and Testing

Integrated Engineering Software

In the last 30 years Dr. Craigen has done diverse work in academia and industry. Dr. Craigen taught and researched at Acadia University and at the University of Winnipeg. For the last 20 years he has worked at INTEGRATED with scientists and engineers around the world assisting them in making decisions about how best to use software for simulations in diverse electromagnetic applications.

Dr. Fouad Brikci


Zensol Automation, Inc.

Fouad Brikci obtained a Doctorate in Electronics in 1977 and a master's degree in Electronics, Electrical Engineering and Automation in 1975 both from the University of Bordeaux, France. During his 40 years and more of experience, he was a lecturer at the Ecole Polytechnique in Algiers, Algeria and a researcher at CNRS-LAAS, Toulouse, France. He is currently the President of Zensol Automation, Inc., a company founded in 1990 and located in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Zensol is a world leader in the field of acoustic diagnostics for circuit breakers and on-line tap changers (OLTC). Zensol also has extensive expertise in conventional maintenance testing applied to high-voltage circuit breakers.

Alan Snook


GRID20/20, Inc.

Alan Snook is co-founder and President of GRID20/20, Inc. since 2011. Under Alan's leadership, the company is now transitioning toward Public Safety Protection Solutions. The company's leading initiative is GRIDWIDE FIRE-SPY™; a wildfire mitigation solution that leverages existing grid architecture and capitalizes on the company's lengthy intra-grid sensor history. GRIDWIDE FIRE-SPY represents an emerging subsidiary movement. The company's foundational work includes the development and commercialization of Advanced Transformer Infrastructure (ATI)®. The ATI technology presents a turnkey intra-grid monitoring solution designed to provide electric utility operators with proactive grid-edge conditions visibility, and automated alerts capability; thereby improving grid Reliability, ensuring safe Distributed Energy Resources adoption, facilitating Electric Vehicle charging stations deployment awareness, helping to reduce Greenhouse Gas emissions, while also assisting with ongoing grid planning, systems operations, and asset management practices of utility operators.

Deepak Swamy

Founder & CEO


Deepak is the founder and CEO of iRestore. iRestore develops the best mobile tools of the trade for the utility industry, trusted by leading utilities serving over 15 million meters. Deepak is an authority on enterprise mobility, having led product at multiple startups and consulted to several Fortune 500 enterprises. Featuring augmented reality (AR) and AI, iRestore "flips the model" from having users learn apps to having apps learn users - and anticipate their needs.

Jared Hennen

Wildfire Mitigation & Reliability Engineer

Bear Valley Electric Service (BVES)

Presenting along with iRestore

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