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insulation tester


The MEGGER BM403/2 is a 1 kV insulation resistance tester which provides simplicity of use in a hand-held instrument.

The analog/digital LCD incorporates the benefits of electronic arc analog indication with unambiguous digital readings. The analog scale helps to make rapid identification of insulation condition, and to monitor variable readings, and is complimented by the precision and simplicity of a digital display. BM403/2 features a 10 Gohms range, the waterproof and dustproof instrument case which has an IP54 environmental protection rating. The BM403/2 now includes the Switched Test Probe SP1 which can enable remote operation of the test button from the negative test probe.

For more information, please visit : www.megger.com

Contact Information

Tel. : 1-800-567-0286
Fax : 416-298-0848
Email : vince.oppedisano@megger.com

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