Arc Flash Accident Video

By R.W. Hurst, The Electricity Forum

Arc flash accident video sharing allows electrical workers to see first hand the explosive nature of arc flash.  Our library has many examples of arc flash accidents, flame retardant garment testing procedures, general electrical safety videos, and more.

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Producing a video of an actual accident is difficult because it is a rare occurrence but there are a few closed circuit accidents and the reader can view a few of these in our collection.

We have tried to collect the best examples that are instructive and informative. These videos are intended to raise awareness of the significant dangers of arc flash and arc blast explosions and the resulting injuries that they cause. 

Be warned: some viewers may find these arc flash videos disturbing.

Arc Flash Accident Videos

What it shows is an arc flash explosion that allegedly happened in a plant in Colombia, South America, in 2007.

In the video, a maintenance electrician was racking in a circuit breaker when an arc flash explosion took place right in front of him.

It’s not difficult to imagine from this graphic video how much damage it can do to a worker. It is not known the extent of this worker’s injuries or if it was an arc flash fatality.

Another video we would like you to view might possibly be the second-most widely viewed video online. This video shows three electrical workers at the open door of an exterior electrical substation when an arc flash occurs. All three workers received burns, one of which was seriously injured.

Accident At An Outdoor Electrical Substation

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