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Bluebeam Drawings - Electrical Documents Management

Bluebeam Electrical Drawing Management Workshop

You Can Access The Live Online Training Through Our Web-Based Platform From Your Own Computer. You Can See And Hear The Instructor And See His Screen Live.

You Can Interact And Ask Questions. The Cost Of The Training Also Includes 7 Days Of Email Mentoring With The Instructor.

Bluebeam Drawings  - Electrical Documents Management Workshop - Our 6-hour live online instructor-led in-depth workshop builds on the fundamentals developed in our 12-Hour Bluebeam Revu and Studio Electrical Essentials training course. This workshop teaches students who are working as an electrical project leadership team advanced Bluebeam methods and tools to better allow them to focus in on pivot points in the project such as quality control and document management.


View Our Complete Course Details:

12- Hour Bluebeam Revu and Studio Electrical Essentials Course

18 Hours - Electrical Revu and Studio Electrical Essentials Course And Bluebeam Electrical Drawing Management Workshop


Electrical Estimators -  Responsible for management of document submittal standards and estimating practices within the company.

The estimator is an essential resource for the project manager in providing estimating services for difficult challenges such as changes of scope and price differences due to different construction practices or products.

This course teaches how to:

  • Set up and manage a standard set of tool set and document access privileges through the use of profiles for the company. (ie Fit out electrician versus base bldg electrician, versus commissioning specialist)
  • Use of Revu Extreme tools such as batch hyperlink and Document Bates numbering to quickly manage large document sets (link Single line to floorplan, shop drawings to lighting schedules, ect)
  • Set up an manage sophisticated Bluebeam document Sets that allowed efficient execution of changes through document revisions without an endless chain of email threads and attachments.


Electrical Project Managers - Responsible for preliminary budgets and initial discussions of project scope.

  • Create preliminary documents quickly before detailed floor plans may be available. Coordinate the use of existing older blueprints towards giving an engineering budget without excessive time developing AutoCAD generated floor plans where a budget is not already in place.
  • Create quick new layouts of lighting and T-bar grids, distribution equipment footprints, based on wither new or existing older blueprints
  • Creation of digital submittals through the development of smart dashboards.


Electrical Engineers - Responsible for additional deliverables in addition to design services such as field quality assurance quality check inspections, preliminary budgets and initial discussions of project scope.

This course teaches how to:

  • Set up and manage concurrent workflow practices that firewall sensitive information such as contract documents, engineering reports with legal consequences, and audit trails meeting stringent record keeping as defined by the financial and government institutions.
  • Carry out math models such as preliminary lumens/ft2 calculations, watt’s/ft2 using custom columns and Bluebeam/MS Excel integration.
  • Issue documents with digital signatures and authentication tools such as encryption and public private passwords.


WHO should attend


  • Electrical Engineers
  • Electrical Project Managers
  • Electrical Estimators
  • Electrical Contractor/Service Professionals
  • Electrical Foremen/Supervisors
  • Industrial, Commercial And Institutional Electrical Construction And Maintenance Personnel


Students receive


Drawing Management

This 6-Hour workshop will introduce you to key features in Revu for navigating drawings, detecting changes and managing revisions.

You’ll learn how to…

  • Organize and manage your drawings over the course of a project
  • Use the AutoMark feature to generate bookmarks and page labels
  • Determine if your PDFs are raster- or vector-based
  • Search for text and apply actions to the results
  • Add, change and manage hyperlinks
  • Identify differences between drawings
  • And more!

6-Hour Course Outline: Bluebeam Drawings  - Electrical Documents Management Workshop


Drawing Management


Session 1 – Document Coordination

a) Problems sharing documents

  • File size, parsing and concatenating files
  • Revision control, protection of confidential documents, digital signatures

b) Document revision checks

c) Compare vs overlay for

  • IFP vs IFT vs IFC


d) Integration with MS Excel

  • Generate real time BOM’s linked to Excel worksheets 
  • Generate on drawing BOM’s for Foreman
  • Export documents such as Electrical panel schedules to MS Excel, MS Word, MS PowerPoint


Session 2 – Use of Spaces and Square Footage Models

a) Use of Spaces and Square Footage Models

  • Lumens/ft2 via custom columns
  • Compare existing versus new construction lighting models


b) Design checks of devices based on code rules

  • Fire alarm square footage and distances for devices


c) Custom profile management

  • Manage and coordinate custom settings
  • Foreman vs Project manager



Session 3 – Collaboration & Audit Controls

a) Collaboration & Audit controls

  • Manage multiple Sessions & Projects, 
  • Coordinate Bluebeam Studio with cloud tools such as Zoom & MS Teams


b) Sets & slip sheeting

  • Coordinate Document changes 


c) Final review of final submittal scope to engineer through sets

  • O&M’s & Red lines and QA/QC checklists completed
  • Forms such as Statutory Declarations, punch list, demobilization completed


Session 4 – Hyperlinks to 3rd Party Sources

a) Hyperlinks to 3rd Party Sources

  • Hyperlink in a closed document vs across multiple documents
  • Sharepoint vs Bluebeam Studio in deploying hyperlinked documents 


b) Dashboards

Concepts and goals

  • Submittal to GC vs to client
  • Sales tool vs construction management tool


Libraries of samples and good design practices



Start: 10 a.m. Eastern Time
Finish: 4:30 p.m. Eastern Time



Live Online Course Registration Fees & CEU Credits

The registration fee to attend this live online training course is $399 + GST/HST.

Click Here to download a $50 discount coupon that you can apply toward the regular registration fee and pay only $349 + GST/HST

Register 3 delegates at full price $399, and get a 4th registration FREE!

Earn Continuing Education Unit (CEU) Credits

Successful completion of this course qualifies delegates to receive a certificate of course completion with indicated CEUs.


CEUs are granted by the Engineering Institute of Canada. One CEU is equivalent to 10 professional development hours of instruction.

This course earns 0.6 CEUs.

Live on-line or in-person. Customized.

Live online group training

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Brad Biollo
Certified Bluebeam Estimating Software Specialist, The Electricity Forum