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Electrical Substation Explained

Grid Automation, Switching, Protection, Maintenance

The Electrical Substation is responsible for switching, protection, automation (communications) and the transformation of transmission system voltages from higher voltage levels in power transmission lines (sending electricity from power plants or generating plants) to lower voltage distribution voltages in the distribution system for distribution transformers to handle. This is accomplished through one or more power transformer units in either a transmission substation or a distribution substation. In a large utility electrical grid substation, high voltage circuit breakers are utilized to interrupt any short-circuits or overload currents (from lightning strikes) that may occur on the power transmission network. There are various types of substations that often use recloser circuit breakers or fuses for protection of distribution networks.Transmission and distribution lines are a part of the overall infrastructure normally called power grids where a substation includes a step down transformer, high voltage breakers, automatic reclosers, lightning protection and smart grid RTUs and communications equipment for network control. IEC 61850 is an international standard defining communication protocols that govern intelligent electronic devices in substations. This Channel offers the latest companies  and substation design, protection, automation, grounding, safety, testing and maintenance technologies that can be implemented today to make the utility electrical system as cost-effective and efficient as possible.  

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Electricity Today T&D Magazine - Substation Automation Protection & Maintenance Special Edition 2023
Electricity Today T&D Magazine - Substation Automation Protection & Maintenance Special Edition 2023

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Electrical Substation COMPANIES
Dynamic Ratings
Spectrum Industries, Inc
A-Aerial A Division of Altec Industries
Brenco, Inc.
High Voltage, Inc.
Albarrie GeoComposites Limited
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