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Voltage Power Ltd.

1313 Border St #26
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, R3H 0X4

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About Voltage Power Ltd.

Voltage Power Ltd. emerged in 2014 in response to new industry trends causing projects to become less efficient, more costly, and behind schedule. Projects became too much about change orders and profits, losing touch with the culture that the industry was built on: respect for hardworking people with the ingenuity and resolve to complete some of toughest infrastructure projects in Canada.

Since that beginning, the principles of Voltage have become the backbone for incredible success. We know every goal of a project can be achieved through a balanced and collaborative approach, putting the needs of our clients first and building trust through results.

Voltage’s guiding principle is to work collaboratively with employees and clients toward the common goal of building projects right. Our Team exemplifies this by delivering those projects and building enduring relationships.



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