India plans massive expansion of production capacity

INDIA - The Indian government is planning a massive expansion of the country's electrical generating capacity.

The Business Standard reported that the Indian government, having committed to establishing ultra mega power projects to improve electrical supplies across the country, is considering setting up eight ultra supercritical power plants.

According to Central Electricity Authority official Swapna Seshadri, "Our next step would be setting up USCPPs. The government is planning to set up eight plants across the country with 800 megawatts each.

We are planning to start the initiative by next year."

USCPPs operate at temperatures and pressures above water's critical point where the liquid and gas phases of water coexist in equilibrium, producing higher efficiencies above 45 percent. USCPP power plants are increasingly favored in China, Europe and the United States, as their higher operating temperatures and pressures produce higher efficiencies than conventional boiler units, resulting in less coal use per generated megawatt-hour.


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