Hydro One transmission service in Toronto stabilized

TORONTO - - Hydro One reports that its Toronto area transmission system has been stabilized and has resumed normal operations.

Flash flooding resulting from the Monday, July 8, 2013 storm in Toronto flooded two critical west end Toronto transmission stations causing power disruptions to Toronto Hydro and Enersource Hydro Mississauga customers.

The Company reconfigured the local transmission system to bring power back to customers as quickly as possible however, the system continued to operate in emergency mode until efforts to restore the grid to its normal operation were completed.

"I am pleased to confirm that our system has now been stabilized, said Carmine Marcello, President and CEO, Hydro One. "We regret the disruption this unprecedented event caused many people in the City of Toronto but appreciated their patience as we worked to bring our system back to normal operation. We are also grateful for the tremendous support we received from the Province, the City of Toronto, and Toronto Hydro while we worked around the clock to normalize our operation."

Hydro One has an established policy to conduct formal reviews of major system events. This review will involve, but is not limited to, a review and assessment of:

- restoration efforts and the communication

- effectiveness of emergency operational procedures and plans, operations infrastructure

- power system design and redundancy

- engineering design standards

- assumptions with respect to environmental issues such as storm and water intensities and how they relate to the design and hardening of electricity facilities.

Hydro One delivers electricity safely, reliably and responsibly to homes and businesses across the province of Ontario and owns and operates Ontario's 29,000 km high-voltage transmission network that delivers electricity to large industrial customers and municipal utilities, and a 123,000 km low-voltage distribution system that serves about 1.3 million end-use customers and smaller municipal utilities in the province. Hydro One is wholly owned by the Province of Ontario.


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