Electrical Safety Symbols Explained

Electrical Safety Symbols
Voltage Shock Hazard Symbol

Electrical safety symbols are stylized with bold backgrounds and electrical safety symbols to warn people that serious injuries can occur from burn, electric shocks, and hazards. Many electrical accidents happen globally, but with proper placement, these tragedies can be prevented. Electrical safety signs and electrical safety symbols are imperative in warning people that electrical hazards are probable while working and also remind them to take the necessary steps to stay safe.
Types of Electrical Safety Symbols
There are different kinds of electrical safety symbols used on electrical safety signs to provide people with information of what electrical accident can happen and what its probable outcome might be.

Electricity Symbol
The common symbol for electricity is a lightning bolt.

Electrical Safety Symbols - Voltage or Shock Hazard Symbol
This symbol can be identified by using a bolt or a bolt through a hand, which lets people know that injury or death can occur from nearby high-voltage electrical equipment.

Electrical Safety Symbols - Static Hazards
If you see a lightning bolt on the bottom of a shoe, then you know that there is a danger of an explosion occurring from static electricity.

Electrical Safety Symbols - Buried Cable Symbol
A bolt with an arrow pointed downward is used to identify buried cable signs.

Electrical Safety Symbols - Danger/Safety (Universal)
A triangle with an enclosed exclamation point is the universal symbol for danger and sometimes safety as well.


Where Can I Find Electrical Safety Symbols?
The aforementioned electrical safety symbols can be found in many different places.

Electrical Safety Symbols - Restricted Areas
Prohibition signs are used in areas to prevent people from walking into a danger zone. These signs are usually found in high-voltage areas such as substations or areas where high-voltage electricity is used.

Electrical Safety Symbols - Electrical Devices
Appliances, switches, wire boxes and other electrical devices are often marked with an electrical safety sign, which warns users of what dangers could occur during use.

Electrical Safety Symbols – Health & Safety
Health and safety signs mark wet floors, fire exits, electrical safety conditions, among others. On electrical safety signs that address health and safety, the danger will often be described using one word written across the sign.

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