Arc Flash Training Online: Benefits, Cost, and Updates

Arc Flash Training Online

An arc flash training online course is a convenient and cost-effective way to educate front-line qualified electrical workers and safety managers about electrical safety. With the flexibility and accessibility of online training, employees can receive the training they need to stay safe on the job and keep their safety-related work practices up to date. If you're interested in online training for safety, check out the courses offered by the Electricity Forum, including arc flash training, lockout-tagout training, and high-voltage safety training.


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Can arc flash safety training be done online?

Yes, it can be done online. With technological advancements, arc flash safety training online has become an effective way to educate employees about how to work electrically safe. Online training courses cover the same topics as traditional in-person courses, including the dangers, electrical safety procedures, safety-related work practices, and proper use of personal protective equipment (PPE).

How long is live online arc flash training?

The length of the course varies, depending on the provider and the specific course. However, most courses last between 4 and 8 hours. During this time, employees will learn about safety procedures, the hazards, and how to use PPE properly.

What is required for arc flash training online?

Electrical Safety training should cover various topics, including the dangers, electrical safety procedures, and proper use of PPE. The training should also include an overview of OSHA regulations, which outlines the workplace's electrical safety requirements. Additionally, employers should provide employees with the necessary equipment to complete the training, such as a computer or tablet with internet access.

How much does an arc flash live online training cost?

The cost of Electricity Forum NFPA 70E arc flash live online training is generally lower than in-person training. On average, NFPA 70E live online training costs USD 149, and CSA Z462 is $199 CDN.

How often should Electrical Safety training be updated?

The frequency of training updates depends on the employer's specific workplace and the nature of the work. Employers should generally provide training to their employees at least once every three years. However, if there are significant changes in the workplace, such as new equipment or processes, employers should provide additional training to ensure that employees are aware of the potential hazards.


Do I receive an arc flash training certificate?

Yes, students who successfully complete our course will receive a certificate of completion to verify that they have completed the training. The certificate should include the employee's name, the completion date, and the training provider's name.


Why is live arc flash training online better than watching a video?

Live online training is better than watching a video because it allows employees to ask questions and interact with the instructor. This type of training also provides a more personalized learning experience, as the instructor can tailor the training to the employees' specific needs. Additionally, live online training allows employees to receive immediate feedback and clarify doubts about the training content.

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