Short Circuit, Arc Flash Analysis and Labeling Solutions for NFPA 70E, IEEE P1584 and CSA Z462 Compliance


The Arc-Flash-Analytic software and universal web app have been developed as easy to use yet comprehensive tools for arc flash analysis required when work is to be performed on or near the energized equipment. The web app can be accessed, operated and shared from anywhere, anytime, on any platform connected to the Internet. Forget about software installation, system compatibility, data loss or virus threat issues. Work alone or share your access credentials with your team while working on same or multiple projects at a time.

  • Design safer power systems while insuring compliance with NEC 110.16, OSHA, NFPA 70E, IEEE P1584 and CSA Z462 standards and regulations.
  • Instantly determine arcing current, incident energy, arc flash boundary, limited and restricted shock approach boundaries, hazard level.
  • Perform arc flash boundary calculations based on 1.2 cal/cm^2 threshold energy to second degree burn for bare skin exposure or evaluated onset to 2nd degree burn energy.
  • Calculate initial arc blast explosion pressure and arc flash TNT (Tri-Nitro-Toluen) mass equivalent
  • Add fuse and circuit breaker data including time-current characteristics for the devices that are not already featured in the built-in protection device library.
  • Set arc duration cut-off in the 2 to 10 second range.
  • Save reports including equipment data, calculation results, protection device information.
  • Create, preview, save, print customized warning labels.
  • Perform analysis using metric, imperial units.


"Work alone or share your access credentials with your team while working on same or multiple projects at a time" 


The Short-Circuit-Analytic (SCA) software performs available fault currents calculations in three-phase electric power systems you are working with.

  • Calculate minimum and maximum available 3-phase and single phase short circuit currents at each bus within your power distribution system.
  • Factor in both active, reactive impedance for each component and predict the fault X/R ratio.
  • Compute contributions from generators and motors.
  • Save calculation results and equipment data.

ARCAD INC. offers many options of custom printed arc flash and safety labels. If you lack the time or expensive equipment to print labels in house, let us do it for you! Our labels are 100% waterproof, come with 5-years warranty and are suitable for use on equipment subjected to harsh environmental conditions.


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