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July 28, 2021

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45 minutes presentation includes 10 minutes of Q&A.

9:00am - 9:45am

The Colt Group

Transformer Oil, Sf6 Gas & Nitrogen Leak Repairs
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Leaks develop at various locations on both new and aged equipment; in the past the repair options were limited to draining/de-pressurizing and re-gasketing, welding, applying epoxy or just wrapping with an absorbent material. Today these leaks can be repaired using a time-proven injection method that is completed while the leak is active and in many cases with the equipment in-service. No epoxies or welding - the sealant was specifically developed for use with electrical apparatuses, is flexible and easily removed. This presentation will explain the methodology with numerous “before and after” photographs and case histories.


9:45am - 10:30am

Integrated Engineering Software

Uses of Scripting in Transformer Design
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It is very common for insulator design to include simulation using numerical methods such as the Finite Element or Boundary Element methods. Issues commonly addressed include power loss, heating , electric and magnetic fields, capacitance and inductance. The simulation greatly reduces the need for physical testing and provides insight into the origin of problems. When a large number of model variations are to be simulated it is tedious and time-consuming to manually produce those and run then individually. This talk will demonstrate some cases where the process is greatly enhanced by parametric or scripting.


10:30am - 11:15am

Delta-X  Research

More Science than Art: Quantification of Risk with Transformer DGA Results
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Dissolved gas analysis is a common method for assessing the condition of a transformer. However, the conventional approach, as defined in IEEE C57.104, states that “DGA interpretation is… more of an art than a science”. The primary method outlined in the standard makes determining the relative severity of a given transformer’s condition difficult because there is not enough information to do more than provide an A-B-C/1-2-3 “report card” score. These scores are too generic to help prioritize the list of transformers within a fleet that need the most attention.

However, the idea that DGA interpretation is more art than science can be challenged. In this presentation, we’ll examine how the scientific method can be applied to DGA interpretation, to provide more and better results, including a discussion of the use of statistical models built using transformer failure data and a comparison of common DGA interpretation methods.


11:15am  – 12:00pm


Transformer enhanced performance through innovative insulation systems.

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  • Meet the latest macro trends and emerging industry needs
  • Learn about alternative insulation system solutions
  • Discover the next generation of insulation: Aramid enhanced thermally upgraded kraft paper
  • Find out how the combination of alternative insulation systems with design optimization can enable innovative power transformers for more resilient grids

12:00pm -12:45pm

Dynamic Ratings

Lessons Learned When Introducing and Applying Continuous Condition Monitoring Systems
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Remote monitoring is more important than ever before. Join us to learn about why and what to consider when implementing online condition based monitoring for your transformers. The knowledge you gain will help you make educated decisions about how to increase reliability and possibly extend the life of your transformers.

Gary Lee Brown

Division Manager

The Colt Group

Gary Brown's career spans over 40 years in the on-line / under pressure repairs of various leaks in the following industries: Chemical, Petro Chemical / Refining, Co-Generation, Steel, Oil Fields, Pharmaceutical, Power Plants (Fossil Fuel & Nuclear) and last but certainly not least Electrical Transmission & Distribution Systems.

In 2002 Gary and a team of three experienced leak sealing gentlemen created a new division for Colt Atlantic Services, Inc. called the Power Services Division. With a success rate on repairs second to none, the Power Services Division has done well over 17 thousand Leak Repairs on Electrical Equipment Since 2002.

Dr. Doug Craigen

Team Leader of the Benchmark and Testing

Integrated Engineering Software

In the last 30 years Dr. Craigen has done diverse work in academia and industry. Dr. Craigen taught and researched at Acadia University and at the University of Winnipeg. For the last 20 years he has worked at INTEGRATED with scientists and engineers around the world assisting them in making decisions about how best to use software for simulations in diverse electromagnetic applications.

John Brett, P. Eng


Delta-X Research

Over 30 years, John Brett, P. Eng. has held leadership roles in organizations that operated or provided solutions for demanding applications including utility operations, industrial automation, and navy command & control. As an early principal at Tantalus, a leading utility communications company, John helped establish and build a real-time, two-way network to automate utilities all the way to consumers; a model that is now standard for grid modernization projects. In 2015, John joined Delta-X Research as Chief Executive Officer. John received his electrical engineering degree from the Royal Military College of Canada and is a registered Professional Engineer in the Province of British Columbia, Canada.

Radoslaw Szewczyk

Technical Service & Development Expert


Radoslaw Szewczyk received his Master's degree in Electrical Engineering at Lodz University of Technology, Poland, in 1998. He works for DuPont™ Nomex® Electrical Infrastructure business as a Technical Service & Development Expert for EMEA region. With his background of transformer design engineer, he supports transformer developments with application of Nomex® insulation materials. He is a member of IEC, IEEE and CIGRE working groups.

Brian Sparling, SMIEEE

Principal Engineer

Dynamic Ratings

Brian D. Sparling, a Senior Member of IEEE, is a Senior Technical Advisor with Dynamic Ratings Inc. Brian has over twenty years of experience in the field of power and distribution transformers. For the last 30 years, he has been involved in all aspects of on-line monitoring and diagnostics and condition assessment of power transformers.

He has authored and co-authored more than 33 technical papers, as well as columns and contributed to many guides and standards with the Canadian Electricity Association, IEEE Transformers Committee and the CIGRÉ A2 Transformer committee.

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