Electricity and Electrical Energy

Electricity is a manufactured product. It is not something you pump out of the ground or mine or collect from the sun or wind. Electric power is manufactured from a rotating machine that we call an electrical generator. After it is generated, (manufactured) it is then delivered through copper wires to where it is utilized

Electricity - most people don't understand what it is. They just turn on the light switch or start the appliance or push the button and something works. It's only when there is no electric power available that we start to consider the importance of it in our daily personal and working lives.

But the invention of the machine to generate power is right next to the invention of the printing press in the list of major contributions to the advancement of human civilization.

Without it, we would be burning wood and coal to heat our homes and businesses and using oil and candles to light our way in the dark. That is the way it was for humans civilization for countless centuries. Only since the invention of the electric generator have humans been able to advance in every aspect of modern life. In fact, modern living is defined by electric power.

We have assembled a series of pages in our web site to help you to understand the business of electricity - how it works and how it is used.

We hope that you can use this information to better understand the technology and issues behind the manufacturing of electric power.

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Electricity Today

Electricity Today

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