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Electrical Training is your best way to upgrade your existing electrical skills. The Electricity Forum Training Institute (EFTI) is a leading provider of electrical safety training to North American electricians. For the past 20 years, the Electricity Forum has been offering electrical training seminars to electrical engineering, maintenance, construction and industrial electrical services personnel. In that time, more than 25,000 electrical professionals have attended our courses and been trained in a wide range of subjects

We have assembled a faculty of instructors with real-world experience in their respective areas of interest, as well as extensive experience in presenting electrician training in North America and around the world.

EFTI is constantly setting new standards in continuing education from basic theoretical information to practical hands-on electrical equipment training. Our electrical training courses have made a substantial impact on the level of training and education in North America's leading electricity providers and consuming companies. By upgrading the occupational skills of technical workers, EFTI electrical training courses have improved the career path of many electrical personnel, as well as contributed to an improvement in electricity efficiency, plant productivity, electrical system reliability and overall competitiveness of Canadian industry.

Help your company generate profits by being well trained and informed. Join the long list of 25,000 satisfied and informed delegates from industry who have attended our electrical training forums and seminars over the past 25 years.

Electricity Forum courses and electrical training seminars are always a learning success!

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The Electricity Forum

  • OSHA Electrical Safety
  • OSHA Electrical Training
  • OSHA Electrical Safety Training
  • Basic Electricity Course
  • Basic Industrial Electricity
  • Basic Electrical Course
  • Basic Electrical Training
  • Electrical Testing and Maintenance
  • Electrical Transformer Testing and Maintenance
  • Electrical Safety Awareness Training For Non Electrical Workers
  • Electrical Grounding and Bonding And The 2009 Canadian Electrical Code
  • Electrical Testing, Troubleshooting and Commissioning of Electric Power Systems
  • Electrical Safety Training
  • Onsite Engineering Training
  • Electrical Maintenace and Testing
  • Industrial Power Systems Analysis
  • Power System Coordination
  • Protective Relay Application
  • Power Systems Grounding
  • PLC Training
  • Electrical Transformer Training
  • Acceptance Testing, Commissioning and Start-up of Electrical Power Distribution Systems
  • Electric Motor Protection, Testing and Maintenance
  • Training Motors and Motor Controls
  • Circuit Breaker and Switchgear Application and Maintenance
  • VF Drives and Automation Systems
  • Power Transformer Maintenance
  • Substation Maintenance
  • Electrical Drawing Seminar
  • Electrical Drawing Training
  • UPS Systems and Battery Maintenance
    About The Electricity Forum

    The Electricity Forum has established its role as one of the nation's leading electrical training organizers on subjects of policy and technical common interest to electric power generators and large power consuming companies. With headquarters in Pickering, Ontario, The Electricity Forum is dedicated to providing cost-effective, highly specialized information in the format of forums, electrical training tutorials, and industry-wide events. Since 1986, more than 25,000 delegates from leading companies have attended our forums and seminars.

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