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Sediver USA, Inc.

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Sediver USA, Inc. at Electricity Forum
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About Sediver USA, Inc.

Sediver is the pioneer and industry leader in high voltage toughened glass insulation technology for more than 70 years. Our outstanding track record confirms the quality of our products, with 600 million toughened glass insulators in service, on both AC&DC lines, in 150 countries and every climatic condition. In North America, nearly 40M  Sediver glass insulators have been providing reliable service to more than 100 utilities since more than 50 years.


Sediver Research Center has developed state of the art smart solutions for real-time monitoring of leakage current & predictive maintenance. Sediver technical assistance team helps support our  customers by providing T/ line insulation design expertise and testing of aging insulators for end-of-life diagnostics.


Sediver offers a full range of:

  • Cap & Pin toughened glass insulators for AC & DC Transmission lines (ANSI & CSA standards), with M&E Ratings up to  200 000 lbs (860 KN).
  • Glass suspension insulators for distribution lines 15-69KV,
  • RTV coated glass insulators (Sedicoat) for polluted environments.
  • Glass Insulators for insulated HV/T-line shield wires.
  • Large diameter glass insulators for mitigation of bird droppings on suspension strings.

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The Sediver Research Center English Version at Electricity Forum

The Sediver Research Center English Version

Sediver Smart'R Suite solution at Electricity Forum

Sediver Smart'R Suite solution

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