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Southern States, LLC

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Southern States, LLC at Electricity Forum
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About Southern States, LLC

Southern States, LLC is a world leader in the design and manufacture of high-voltage switching and offers a wide selection of products and services that enable the safe transmission and distribution of energy. In addition to products, we offer technical assistance and service solutions. Our product line includes:

  • Group operated disconnect switches in ratings from 15.5 kV to 1100 kV
  • Both standard and high speed ground switches
  • Motor operators
  • Hookstick operated switches disconnect, bypass, transfer types
  • Circuit Switchers - vertical candlestick and horizontal mount
  • Load and line switchers
  • Reactor Switchers
  • Capacitor Switches
  • Reclosers
  • Power Fuses
  • High voltage sensors for preventive maintenance systems
  • Digital current measurement at high voltage
  • Mobile solutions including mobile substations
  • Retrofits, upgrades, and replacement parts for most high voltage switching equipment.
  • Installation service, support & training

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Southern States, LLC at Electricity Forum