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170 Ridgeview Center Drive
Duncan, South Carolina, USA, 29334

About AFL

AFL's conductor accessories provide superior performance and reliability for electric power utilities and rail companies. Drawing on the experience gained from over 80 years designing and manufacturing accessory products, AFL's conductor accessories improve the reliability of critical electrical and optical infrastructure used for the transmission and distribution of electricity.

Our products are manufactured in Duncan, SC in a facility that is certified to ISO 4001 and ISO 9001:2008 standards. AFL’s product offering includes the following:

  • Substation accessories — Swage bus accessories including couplers, end caps, terminal taps, expansion supports and more; Swage cable accessories including couplers and terminals; both bolted and welded accessories (supports, couplers, connectors, expansions, taps, terminals, reducers, bus vibration dampers, stud connectors, end plugs and hardware) for voltages up to and including 765kV
  • Substation — bus conductors (round, integral web, rectangular bar, channel, universal angle bus, and rectangular bar).
  • Transmission accessories — Hi-Temp® compression, standard compression, quick compress and IMPACCT® (Implosive Accessory Technology)
  • Rail Transit system accessories — high-speed rail systems, light rail systems, trolley and streetcar systems, 3rd rail systems and complete electrified transit overhead
  • Fiber optic cable hardware — dead ends, suspensions, tangents, splice enclosures, snow shoes, attachment hardware and come-a-longs
  • Motion control — stockbridge-type vibration dampers, spacers, spacer dampers and software for Aeolian vibration protection
  • Wire products — Copperweld strand and solid wire
  • Network underground accessories — multi-outlet insulated connector bars, mechanical socket and core compression system, transformer stud connectors, over-current protection devices and explosion-proof protective shells
  • Tools and compounds — hydraulic presses, pumps, dies and the new ConductaClean®


The conductor accessories facility has also built an impressive record of environmental stewardship with a recycling rate for paper, wood, metal and plastic exceeding 90 percent, an aggressive storm damage expedite program and a carbon footprint effort aimed at reducing total energy each year by three percent.

We are committed to taking a proactive approach to our customers’ needs, acting with integrity and delivering as promised. AFL understands that it is about quality products and building a strong relationship with every customer.

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