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Electricity is not a non-renewable natural energy resource that is mined or pumped from the ground. Electric Energy is a manufactured product. Actually, electricity is a "secondary energy source". We manufacture it from the conversion of other "primary energy sources" like coal, natural gas, oil, nuclear power and other natural sources. The energy sources we use to make Electric Energy can be renewable or non-renewable, but Electric Energy itself is neither renewable or non-renewable. Electric Energy is manufactured in electric generators, and then transmitted by copper wire long or short distances to where that power is utililzed. In today's high-technology world, the utilization of Electric Energy is everywhere around us.

Electricity Forum is dedicated to the exchange of policy and technical Electric Energy information in common to electric utilities and large industrial, commercial and institutional power consumers. Browse our site and learn all about the companies that generate electric power and the different electrical equipment technologies that help to make modern life possible.

Ben Franklin Electricity
A Timeline Of History Of Electricity
Electrical Energy
Thomas Edison Electricity
What Is Electricity
Saving Electricity
Static Electricity
Hydro Electricity
History of Electricity
Basic Electricity
Electricity Prices
Electricity And Magnetism
Electricity Generation
3 Phase Electricity
Alternative Electricity
Electricity Cost
Electricity Generator
Electricity How It Works
Electricity Power
Electricity Supplier
Electricity Supply
Free Electricity
Generate Electricity
Green Electricity
Home Electricity
How Electricity Works

Sources of Electricity
Three Phase Electricity
Types Of Electricity
Water Electricity
Who Invented Electricity
Tidal Electricity
Windmills For Electricity

How Is Electricity Generated
Wireless Electricity
Electricity Demand Canada
Electricity Deregulation
Electricity Production
Ben Franklin Discover Electricity
Who Discovered Electricity
Electricity Safety
Gore Electricity
Geothermal Electricity
Electricity Windmill
Dangers Of Electricity
What is Voltage?
What Do Ammeters Measure?
What is Power Factor?
What is a Voltmeter?
What is a Multimeter
Wattmeters Explained
Watthour Meter Explained
What is a Watt?
What is a Potentiometer?
What is a Watthour?
Electrical Units Explained
How to Save Electricity
What is Capacitance?
Capacitance Explained
Capacitance in Series
What is a Capacitor?
Capacitors Explained
Electrical Resistance Explained
Resistance in Series
Resistances in Parallel
Transformer Grounding Explained
Voltage Drop Calculator
Voltage Drop Formula
Voltage Drop
What is an Ampere?
What is Electrical Resistance?
Electrical Resistance Definition
Active Power
Reactive Power
Harmonic Distortion
Total Harmonic Distortion
Power Factor
What is Current Electricity?
What is Inductance?

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